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Save big with our
Dental Holiday

Get a Dental Makeover in a fraction of the price all while you enjoy your holiday at Israel

Same Day
Dental Implants

Dr. Riad will restore your whole teeth in one day, with no pain and no bleeding

Be Proud Of
Your Smile

Not only that we can restore your smile, but we will also make it perfect

Travel & Save on Dental Costs

Experience Dental Holiday!

Why travel to Israel for
Dental Treatment?


Israel upholds very high standards of Healthcare, Dentistry in particular

Save money

Save 50% on your Dental Implants

World-class Doctors

Dentists at Israel graduate from the best universities.

Government Approved

Dentistry in Israel is closely inspected by the Government to insure treatments meet the best healthcare standards

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General Dentistry
We perform any dentistry task required
We specialize in providing permanent implants quickly
Hollywood Smile
Full teeth makeover for a perfect smile
Say goodbye to crooked teeth
Dental Surgery
Always ready to operate
We shade the teeth to match your real teeth
Teeth Protection
Strong crowns will provide life long protection
Just like real teeth

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    Clients With
    A Reason To Smile

    Nicole Moati
    Kiryat Haim

    I’ve seen a few dentists, yet not even one of them agreed to treat me.

    I got to Dr. Riad, and I simply couldn’t believe it! He is a magician! Outstanding!

    Yechiel Toboul

    I’ve been to many dental clinics. No one wanted to treat me unless I undergo bone grafting operations. Then I came here … I couldn’t believe it! The very same day I had all my implants done, and the following day I had my new teeth installed!

    Jamal Beibar

    I turned to Dr. Riad for help, and he solved my issues like magic. There are no words to describe my relief, only those who go through such an experience can understand, the true comfort, the pleasure, just like being reborn anew

    We Are
    The Dental Implants & Aesthetics Center

    The Dental Implants & Aesthetics Center is a well-established full clinic mainly located in Haifa, Israel along with multiple other branches throughout the country. specializing in one-day pain-free, bleed-free, full teeth implants.

    We are also known for our “Hollywood Smile”, a full dental makeover that will allow you proudly smile with confidence only after 2 appointments.

    With over 20 years of experience, we are able to guarantee perfect results and an easy procedure.

    Clinic Director and Implants pioneerRiad Abu Saleh

    With over 20 years of experience, over 26 Certificates, and a lifelong dental practice, it is now possible to perform complex dental implants pain-free, on the same day with perfect results.

    We run multiple fully staffed clinics with the best professionals in the country and the latest tools.

    Our mission is
    Your Perfect Smile

    Many issues can lead to the loss of teeth,  no matter the cause, we will make it our mission to restore that smile, and that confidence along with it.

    Our implants will provide a lifetime permanent solution that is quick, pain-free, and affordable.

    Your implants are truly yours, each tooth is shaped and shaded to match your real teeth and is unique to you.

    Unlike other dental solutions, implants are a fixed part of your mouth, you will not have to worry about them falling, slipping, or sliding away.

    One day implants
    No pain, no bleed
    A perfect holiday

    Start Your
    Dental Travel

    It is well known that Israel has become the main tourism destination for many travelers seeking to explore the world. Besides its charm and attractiveness, Israel has developed to a top-level in dental care and became a remarkable dental tourism location for foreign patients.
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    Endulge Your Stay,
    Experience Israel

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    What to see

    Culinary experience

    Visit landmarks

    Call Now
    +972 50-785-9660

    Call Now
    +972 04-601-9664

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