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If you are interested in reducing your dental care costs, and enjoying a holiday in Israel, all while getting the best dental care possible, then look no further. save up to 50% of the costs ( Based on U.S dental treatment prices).

It is true that dental care is widely available, with that said dentistry is a form of art and every dentist will have his own unique signature style and methods.

We became leaders in the field of teeth implants and aesthetics and we are positive that we will provide the best care possible for you.

By traveling to Israel you can rest assured that we will take care of your dental issues while you experience a lovely memorable holiday and save money in the process.

Advantages of our Implants

Reliable - Just like your real teeth
Quick - It is done within a day
Save money - up to 50% in savings for U.S citizens

Step 1

Free consultation with our technicians

Using the contact form on the website, you can send us a detailed enquiry about your needs. One of our dentists will examine your request and we will make a suggestion about the necessary interventions and inform you about the estimated cost of the treatment. The final treatment plan will be made only after our doctors examine the problem in person at our premises.

Step 2

Electronic contract

Following the free consultation about your dental needs, we determine what other services you might find of use (booking accomodation, scheduling sightseeing tours and other activities etc). Once we have it finalized, we will send you an electronic contract with a detailed list of services we agreed on. This is not a necessary step, but it is available for your peace of mind.

Step 3

Arrival to Dr. Riad’s clinic

Our staff will be waiting for you to transfer you from the airport to your accommodation. On your first day, you will perform the final check with a dentist before commencing treatment. After we settle on the appropriate treatment, you will receive a schedule of appointments. You will also receive offers on how to fill your free time.

Step 4


A guide will show you around Israel, free of charge, if you please. For an additional fee, we will do our best to fulfill any reasonable requirement you might have, or you can choose from a list of typical excursions on offer. For some dental procedures, you will have a lot of free time between appointments. For others not so much. We will provide you with custom-made offers for you to consider.

Step 5

Follow up check

Your assigned dentists might want you to stay an extra day or two if they deem it necessary to ensure quality service, which would be announced in advance. In case there is no need for additional checks, you will be transfered back to the airport or remain free to explore Israel. Our service is warranted.
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Experience Dental Holiday!

Clinic DirectorRiad Abu Saleh

The qualities of excellence are only obtained through hard work, patience, and dedication, there are no shortcuts.

After a lifetime of learning and practicing, I will be happy to be your choice of providing lifetime implants that will solve all your issues.

The Implants

We Developed a revolutionary method using Basal implants to achieve perfect results in record time, being able to plant a full mouth of teeth in one day will not only save you time but also money, on top of that it will be pain-free with no bleeding.

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